Welcome to the Office of Diana Wolf Abbott!

Are you searching for your orthodontics home in the Rochester Hills area? Then turn to Abbott Orthodontics. We are committed to offering the very best in dentofacial orthopedics, from innovative technologies to a friendly environment.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Right for You?

Patients of all ages can receive treatment at Abbott Orthodontics. If you or your child have misalignment with the teeth or jaws, we can help. We start seeing patients at age seven and continue offering treatment to teens and adults of any age. There is no reason not to pursue orthodontic care.

Why Orthodontic Treatment Matters?

Many people operate under the misconception that orthodontic treatment is just about looks. In truth, problems with the alignment of the teeth and jaws are a major health issue. For example, crowded teeth are harder to clean, leading to tooth decay and gum disease while misaligned jaws can cause severe pain and even difficulty breathing. Orthodontic treatment matters because it improves your overall health, not just your confidence—though that matters too!

Does Orthodontic Treatment Mean Wearing Braces?

Sometimes orthodontic treatment means wearing braces, but not always. In fact, there are many types of appliances we use here at our practice. From palatal expanders to Invisalign aligners, what your treatment plan will look like depends on your wants and needs. All treatment plans are custom made for the patient and never reused, so you know you are getting the best care possible.

Are you ready to discover what treatment will look like for you? Schedule your consultation today.